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Digital Assets 2021: Bitcoin and Beyond

Peter Stern of cryptocurrency benchmark price provider CF Benchmarks gave us an update on the bitcoin’s recent value gains and increasing in the asset class among institutional investors. “There is increasing institutional buy-in (with bitcoin). A big story last week was BlackRock: two of their larger mutual funds added to their prospectus that they now have the ability to trade CME bitcoin futures. That would never have happened just a few years ago.”

Read about CF Benchmark’s Bitcoin Reference Rate and download the research here

Hassan Khan and Shermineh Esmati of TODAQ gave a presentation on TDN and the technology backing it, focusing on a use case designed to facilitate commodity trading.“We’ve looked at containerizing things like carbon credits, horses, green credits as a way to give access to the retail consumer to assets they are typically not able to access efficiently,” Khan said.

Download the presentation for details on TDN and its underlying technology here.

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